4 flags over Westridge

I don’t mind Carny folks or the traveling insta-rides. I do wish they would light up their US flags. These four flags fly high above the carnival grounds, currently on the north lawn of Westridge Mall. I took this shot at about 11:30pm. I was hoping to catch them when the rides and entire show was up and running but ended up leaving work too late.

The only available light was from the parking lights at the mall and my camera mounted Promaster 7500EDF flash. I really wanted to avoid a super steep angle on the flags. I setup about 150 yards SSW of the ride in the mall parking lot and mounted up  my 400mm Nikkor lens.

Since it was so dark, and my flash was not going to provide much light to this party, I needed silly long exposure times to soak in some light.

camera :: Nikon D7000 | 3 second shutter | ISO 800 | Meter: Spot
lens :: Nikkor 400mm prime f/5.6 | set at f/5.6 | Manual
flash :: Promaster 7500EDF | Maximum Power


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  1. Cory Zipperle

    Wow, Wyatt, this is a great picture. I think it is my favorite of your series so far.


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