A Berry Happy Family

I have a pregnant wife. Yesterday late in the evening she decided that she wanted cake. She got up and made cake, logical. Today she said she wanted cake, whipped cream, and Strawberries.

I went to the store and acquired said toppings for her cake.  I was feeling a little fruity for my picture of the day, and as such, this little family of strawberries became the star of my evening photo shoot.

Here we have a mother, father, and two young kiddo strawberries. I bounced the flash off the ceiling for a nice even light and a Promaster Close-up 2+ filter to get the nice tight focus.

camera :: Nikon D7000 | 1/80′s second shutter | ISO 100 | Spot Metered
lens :: Nikkor 50mm prime 1.8 | set at f/4 | Auto AF-A Focus, Dynamic, 9 Points
flash :: Promaster 7500EDF | Single Element | i-TTL Bounce


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