A bird by any other name…

I am not a bird watcher, my mother is however. This morning I was driving to work and made a little side trip to the fledgling little subdivision behind the theaters to snap a picture of Jeffery Energy Center using my new 2x teleconverter and my 400mm lens. While there I saw some birds about 50 yards away looking colorful, so I snapped one.

My concerns about the teleconverter stealing color and clarity appear to be somewhat disproved by this and other shots today. Here is the bird. I know not what it’s name is, other than just pretty bird.

|| Nikon D7000 | 1/320 | f16 | 400mm + x2 teleconverter (800mm) | ISO 800 ||

I also took another fun 50mm vs. 800mm shot. This is Jeffery energy center situated 25 miles from my shooting location. The top picture is the 50mm shot. The plant is very hard to see, look for the small cloud and dark spot on the edge of the horizon. The bottom picture is the 800mm shot of the plant. Neither has any cropping to it, this is the shot as taken. The picture is not great, but 25 miles of air space may just to that. I tried to remove as much of the haze as possible, which negatively impacted the colors a bit, but made the power plant more visible

The other thing that is interesting is scale. The power plant at 800mm 25 miles away fills way more screen than the bird located a few dozen yards away in the picture above.

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