A family that swims together…

Spring always is bursting with new life. Here we see a new family out for a morning swim. I was out at Spirit Lake visiting some clients and resolving an issue from a recent power outage. They were telling me about a brand new family of Geese who were just teaching their little off-spring how to swim.

We hopped into their Gator (small ATV type truck, not small carnivorous animal) and headed across the dam for a closer look. I generally have my 400mm lens at the ready for such an event, but my van was broken into last night so I was driving a company truck to this appointment.

Thanks to the friendly relationship of the owners of Spirit Lake with these geese, we were able to get pretty close before momma felt the need to shove off the shore. It ended up being a great opportunity for today’s picture.

A plug for Spirit Lake – It is a small destination for corporate meetings, group gatherings, mini-vacations and more. There are several building on the lake shore, a lodge with a large set of sleeping rooms, to a smaller cottage for a more intimate event. Set just 30 minutes from Topeka or Lawrence, it is easy to get to. The surroundings are just beautiful, northeast Kansas at it’s best. The owners Steve & Sally work hard to take excellent care of the land and buildings. I have seen them in action preparing for guests, it is obvious how much they care for their clients. Really excellent.

Nikon D7000 | 1/2000 | ISO 400 | 200mm | f/5.6 | flash: not used


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