A New Hobby

For the last month or so I have been learning about Ham Radio. In the 1990’s I had interest in learning about Amateur Radio but never could get the morse code (I did not try hard). The idea to try again came quite by accident. I was searching for a spare radio to supplement our FM business band radios at work. I stumbled upon a Boafeng UV5R for a shocking $35. Ordered it and programmed it to work with my work radios. My co-worker, Scott May (W1STL), and I quickly discovered these cheap little radios were actually full of surprises and features. They work flawlessly on ham and business bands.

2 days after learning that the morse code requirement had been dropped  I was testing for my technicians license. I passed and was granted KE0BZC as my callsign. I have sense applied for and been granted K0AVL as my new callsign by the Federal Communications Commission which reflects my years in the AVL world.

What I have learned so far is that many ham operators are of an older generation. I have heard stories of great lives lived. Stories of service. Stories of family. In my short time as an operator I learned that this is a great and kind community. I have also learned that these operators have been at the cutting edge of technology for years, and the hobby had helped develop many of the technologies we use today.

In the long run as I get a better idea of operations and how to be involved, I may write an update. I don’t plan on being a super-active operator, but I do believe I will enjoy it!


Wyatt / K0AVL

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