A New Life

Just over one week ago I became the proud papa to our second child, a very adorable little girl we named Sarah Jane. Here is a look at our week in pictures! Click on them for larger versions. To save space, I have made them rather small.  These were all shot on my Nikon D7000. Mostly high iso speeds since I was not using flash in most of them. What an amazing blessing she is to us!

12 hours after her water broke, my wife took some Castor Oil to help kick things off. Our Midwife put it in some pudding.

My wife, Laboring in the tub. This is the calm before the storm


During her laboring, our friend and birth photographer, Kristi, rubbed this magic lotion on to Jeanine's arms.

So, now we have a sweet baby girl. Here is her tiny hand in my wife's hand.

Here is our midwife, Eileen, holding Sarah shortly after she was weighed.

Our friends came over to the house later the day she was born. At this point Sarah was 11 hours old. She is soooo cute.

Sarah's very first bath. She is 7 days old here and shedding her womb-skin.

This is a close up of her pretty face. I used my Nikon 50mm with a Promaster +4 closeup filter

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