A very tasty dress

Tonight we headed to Granny & PopPop Alberts for some birthday cake for Ally. Ally is the daughter of one of our best friends, Lora & J. It has been a blessing to see her grow from birth until now. She is a really awesome young lady, and wicked smart too.

To celebrate Granny created this very tasty desert. The doll was too tall for the cake, so Granny did a little leg trimming. As far as we know, the doll suffered no pain. To finish of our dessert laden lady, she fixed the hair up and cleaned up the frizzy’s. Also as far as we know, Granny did not make any evil laughs while chopping her legs off at the knee caps.

So 1 Mutilated Doll + a nice tasty yellow cake with the frosting a very, very lip smacking creamy frosting with little pink specs = 1 neat dessert with blond hair.

I have been closing these with scripture verses that relate to the picture. I could not think of anything that goes with tasty birthday cake with a human likeness stuck inside. If you know of anything appropriate, let me know!

Again today I used the flash. Bounced off the corner/wall to the right. The wall is a light colored paint.

Nikon D7000 | 1/160 | ISO 500  | 52mm | f/5.6 | Flash - Promaster 7500EDF


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