Amateur Radio Gear

Several things I have found true about Ham Radio.

1) There is always more gear. It’s hard to stop acquiring gear.
2) This can be as cheap or expensive as you want…. but will drift toward expensive.
3) It is so much fun, and there are so many modes that even the most ADD person can learn and find modes to play with.

My home station:
VHF – Yeasu FT-2900R, Antenna: VHF 60″ Slim-Jim JPole in PVC (Nelson Antennas, KD8UJM) at 45 feet
UHF – I-COM IC-F2821, Antenna: UHF 36″ Slim-Jim JPole in PCV (Nelson Antennas, KD8UJM) at 42 feet
HF – ICOM IC-7200, LDG IT-100 Autotuner, Radiowavz DX40 OCF Dipole at 40 feet. Inverted V.

My antenna mast is made from 15′ of Sch. 40 non-metallic, outdoor conduit with a wooden rod forced through the middle for stability, sealed from moisture on the top. This is mounted into a standard roof peak tripod. It sways in the wind quite a bit. The dipole is hung from about 18″ of line so as the mast swings, it does not put pressure on the lines.

My mobile station:
VHF / UHF – Anytone AT-5888UV Dual Band, Antenna: Diamond NR73BNMO
HF – ICOM IC-706, LDG IT-100 Autotuner, MFJ Hamtenna’s on a magnet mount. I currently have the 20m and 40m versions.

VHF / UHF: Baofeng UV-5RE+ with Nagoya NA-771 Antenna.
HF: Both of my HF radios are rigged for outdoors / field use.
HF Antenna: End Fed 6 – 40 meter+ Portable HF Antenna with 100′ of 14ga stranded THHN wire from Nelson Antenna’s.

My shack HF rig and mobile rigs are both kitted in such a manner to be easily used outside. For power I have 3 SLA Batteries, 7AH, with Powerpole connectors, plus a 300 watt Honda generator. I use the BatteryTender JR. to keep the batteries conditioned and topped of. I can run the IC-706 in listen mode for over 8 hours on one SLA 7AH, with 3 batteries and generation.

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