An evening of Worship

Last night I had the opportunity to check out an event at Northland Christian Church here in Topeka. They had an evening of Worship, about hour and twenty minutes of worship music with some scripture and prayer. I have a long standing relationship with Northland. In 2004-2005 I ran sound there, many of the great people I knew from then were still there and playing. If you in the Northland and looking for a good church, check out Northland Christian! Great people, and solid teaching.

The lighting was very, very dim. Even on the stage. This is the highest ISO I have ever used for a picture of the day. There was some ambient light from the ceiling windows that helped. The brightest light in the room was on the back wall, and it actually peaked a little bit. To help deal with the light I used my fastest lens, a Nikkor 50mm 1.8 (set at f/2) prime, for most of the shots that turned out well. While filling some of these shots with my flash would have allowed for much lower ISO and better sharpness, it would have been really bad for the event – a big disruption. In general I do NOT use flash at Worship events or Concerts.

I shot many pictures, with the very low lighting it was by far one of the hardest event pictures I have every tried to pull off well. Of about 120 shots I ended up with, here you can see the 20 or so that turned out well.

What makes yesterdays picture of the day shot nice is the cool contrast between the stage platform with its stone and warm colors split with the ceiling windows on white. The outdoor late evening light comes through very blue.

camera :: Nikon D7000 | 1/80′s second shutter | ISO 3200 | Spot Metered
lens :: Nikkor 50mm prime 1.8 | set at f/2 | Auto AF-A Focus
flash :: unused. (probably should have been…)

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