Annual Fall Retreat

Every fall we pack up our student ministries and head off site for a weekend retreat. Being in production for so many years can cause some events to get old and dreaded. Our fall retreat has never fallen into this class. Our student leadership does a great job of keeping it fresh and relevant for the students. This year our students pastor, Nick Strobel, addressed being a person of deep faith. Many of the students here are young in their faith and others have never tried to “go deep” in their walks.

As we come into session three tonight I can tell that the points are sinking in to these students. I am so thankful for leadership who makes this our next generation a priority.

Worship this year is being led by our Worship Arts pastor, Bill Horn.  One of the comments I get is surprise that we dedicate our key leaders in worship and tech arts to a student retreat, my surprise to them is that they don’t consider this a high priority. We must as a church work to connect with this group, using great tools and talent that we have access to.

My challenge to you and myself is to look at the students and children in your circles, how can you engage them? I usually engage them in a support role in production. I do a poor job of deeply engaging my younger volunteers, so that will be a goal for me this fall & winter.

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