I am a husband to an amazing woman, Jeanine, and a father to David, Sarah, and Victoria. I have the joy of being the Tech.Arts Director at Fellowship Bible Church in Topeka, KS.

I had my start in the world of church tech over 20 years ago as a boy. Through the years I have had the opportunity to work in broadcast, theater, and many production roles in between.

I love my job, I am thankful God put the drive in me to pursue the use of technology in worship. Working with the amazing pastors and staff at FBC has been not only a privilege, but has allowed me to grow into the role as the church has grown. The experience has been nothing short of life altering.

While at FBC and away as well, I have begun a photography habit. Few years ago I purchased a Nikon D40 DSLR camera used, and it started my love for photography. In the time since then I have been leaching tips from several photographer friends of mine, and generally shooting alot of trial and error. I put many thousand clicks on the D40 before selling it. I upgraded to the Nikon D7000 – a shocking transition to say the least. The D7000 hit 80,000 shutter clicks and went back to the Nikon mothership and has returned with a fresh sensor, shutter, and mirror box. Ready for the next 80,000.

Aside from church tech & photography I enjoy reading, spending time wrestling with my son, enjoying the company of the amazing musicians I have come to call friends through the years, taking aim at the local shooting range, bicycling for fun and fitness, and learning the art and hobby of being an amateur radio operator (K0AVL)

This blog will be a place of photography with some tech commentary thrown in for good measure. Because I have never blogged, I really don’t know how this will pan out. We will find out together!

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