The items below are growing and dynamic. It will change often as I refine it. 

Places I learn and grow.

Looking for a authentic, relevant church in the Topeka area? I am the Tech.Arts director at Fellowship Bible Church, but I also call FBC a church home for my family. If you have tried the church thing before and are burned out on the idea, I think it’s is worth one more try. If you just want to come and check us out – we make it easy. If you looking for a great dynamic church home focused on God, His Word, and People – please check us out.

The inspiration behind my starting this blog, Shelly Zipperle, works in the corporate world of media, shooting video & photography. Outside the office, she has been finding great little nuggets for a daily photo blog. Be sure to check it out!

I glean information on church tech in dozens of places, this is one area hard to nail down. here are just a few:

Church Technical Leaders Network (
Church Sound Check (
Guru’s of Technology (

Tech Blogs to Follow – Technical Director types who love to share their experiences, vision, and love for the world of Tech.Arts.

Bill Swaringim – TD at The Crossing, St. Louis, Mo.

Todd Elliot – TD at Willow Creek TD, South Barrington, Il.

Mike Sessler – Coast Hills Community Church TD, Aliso Viejo, CA.


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