Christ’s love shown through… Aquaponics?

The Topeka based non-profit Trash Mountain Project seeks to serve those living near trash dumps around the globe. Part of the mission of Trash Mountain is to give communities tools to become self sufficient. I have had the great pleasure to have taken part in several events with Trash Mountain over the years. One of the more recent projects is the completion of a local Aquaponics research building. Here they will work on designing systems to deploy abroad.

The aquaponics system is a miniature eco system that can produce fish, nutrients, and vegetables that can help feed and provided financial support to the community surrounding it. TMP has spent thousands of hours researching have implemented what they have learned in the new Topeka facility.

Recently the Topeka Capital Journal’s Phil Anderson wrote a great piece about the facility, be sure to check it out here. To learn more about the Trash Mountain Project’s aquaponics project, click here.

Our staff at Fellowship Bible Church had a chance to tour the building today, our first look at the full scale operation. This is the source of today’s blog.

Nikon D7000 -- Tamron 28-75 @66mm -- f/2.8 -- 1/100s -- ISO 500 -- Flash: Nikon SB-700

Nikon D7000 — Tamron 28-75 @66mm — f/2.8 — 1/100s — ISO 500 — Flash: Nikon SB-700


  1. Amy Cyphers

    Hello Wyatt! I wanted to talk to you a little about FBC and wondered if I could e-mail you. My husband and I have been going to FBC for about a year and I am ready (finally) to get involved. I wanted to talk to you about photography/video.
    Thanks! I love your work btw. šŸ™‚

    1. Wyatt (Post author)

      Thank you for the kind words. I do not pretend to be anything other than a casual amateur photographer. We love to have some pros that can help us out from time to time with events. I’ll get in touch with you soon, thanks!


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