Colorful Leg Godt

As a much younger man I was always fascinated with tearing things apart and putting them together. My friends Craig and Kyle Thomas had a large tub packed with Lego’s. We used to toss them out on the floor and start assembling them… then… breaking them. Seem to be a great toy for my constructive/destructive brain.

Fast forward  16 years or so now I have a son of my own. And yes, he has lego’s – although they are a larger than the ones I used as a teenager. I assume this is  to keep my 2 year old from ingesting sharp edged plastic blocks.

I wanted to play with depth of field and bright colors for this post – so lego’s were a pretty natural choice.

Lego’s are the result of an evolution of a house & furniture building company now named Lego Group

Nikon D7000 | 1/200 | ISO 100 | 50mm prime | f/1.8 | flash - Promaster 7500EDF


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