Crisped Rice Awesomeness

For dessert last night at church the meal team made up several varieties  of very tasty rice crispy treats.  The leftovers found their way to the the lobby this Sunday morning.

These evil little treats FORCED me to eat like 6 of them. Dang them! On the bright side, my friend Daniel let me use his brand new Tamron 18-270mm lens for today. I took several hundred shots today and fell in love with the convenience.

Having one lens that has that huge range is amazing. From close up wide angle to long range shots, it does it in seconds. It focuses very quickly. Has nice weight to it, feels nice. My only complaint is it sticks a little bit as you get to the 140-200mm range. I imagine it will loosen up with time.

Nikon D7000 | 1/125 | ISO 1000 | 270mm | f/6.3 | flash - not used
Rice Crispy Treats

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