Da plane boss, da plane!

Located just between our building and the tranquil woods that are west of our church building lies a great airplane. This plane is such a size that even the person that made the line ” Da Plane Boss, Da Plane” famous would feel was just the right size.

This plane will never fly, but it’s occupants will certainly see themselves soaring in their minds eye. This plane you see, is piloted by 2-6 year olds. They still have the magic that many of us adults have long lost. Imagination.

It was near dusk with the sun being filtered through the not-yet filled out canopy of the woods next to the playground. The sun was that nice deep yellow that really makes colors pop, especially the colors this is painted.

Nikon D7000 | 1/125 | ISO 200 | 50mm prime | f/5.6 | flash - not used
Airplane, Playground


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