Turtle on the menu?

I have decided to start doing a daily photo blog, and while I am at it, probably speak my mind at times! Thanks to Shelly for the inspiration to do this, be sure to check out her blog, A Prime Year in Pictures. I have enjoyed drawing nuggets of photography bits from her mind.

Today I had the great pleasure of spending lunch at Lupita’s Mexican Restaurant with our Communications Director, Kip, and the Technical Director from Topeka Bible Church, Kaleb. As we left the restaurant I stumbled upon this turtle, looks like a great hard shelled friend.

Nikon D7000 | 1/60 | ISO 1600 | 55mm | F5.6


  1. Cory Zipperle

    Yea, a Wyatt blog!

    These things are all the range these days.

  2. wjohnston (Post author)

    Yes, all the range… where the deer and the….

  3. Bloom

    Cool! The only thing I would recommend is reducing the filesize on the image. Especially if you are going to have a page full of them. Make a smaller maybe 500px .jpg version then the full sized when you click on it. Took me about 10 seconds to fully download the page with the single picture on it.

    Great job!

    1. wjohnston (Post author)

      opps… I though I had fixed that this morning. I will try again. I figured that out this morning…

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