Fellowship at dusk

Only day three, and I have gained tremendous respect for pro photographers who have to be creative all the time and come up with beautiful shots every single day for many clients. Since I am more tech than creative, this exercise is stretching me in a good way.

Tonight following a great time at the park with my family, (even with my son biting his tongue – literally, all is well now & he is happy) I headed to FBC to pick up my memory card containing a great picture of the day candidate from earlier in the day. As we approached the building was lit up and it was so nice out – I pulled up and too some shots. For those who are not familiar with Fellowship Bible Church in Topeka, we are not a traditional style church, so our building is fairly modern. Our current facility was completed in the fall of 2007, although it gets heavily used every day of the week, it serves our needs very well with the thousands of people that cycle though during an average week.

Nikon D7000 | 1/25 | ISO 500   | 18mm | f/3.5


  1. Cory Zipperle

    Nice picture! I think this is my favorite one so far.

    PS: you need to get email subscriptions going on your site. Do you think Feedburner will work on this platform?

    1. Wyatt (Post author)

      Setting up feedburner. Wanted to use my direct domain, so I am waiting for the CNAME change to kick in. I should getting it online in the morning. If you point any RSS reader at wyattjohnston.com it will pull four options for an automated feed. I hit ‘add subscription’ in my gmail account and typed wyattjohnston.com and wham, it worked. I like the feedburner method, so that will happen. Thanks for the input!


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