Wal-mart’s American Pride

Being my second day my mind was searching for an object to photograph. I took several candid shots at work, but wanted to avoid my usual goto for this second day. On my way home I stopped at the Summit Woods apartment buildings which sits upon a hill west of Topeka. Few hundred yards to the east is a extraordinary large US Flag behind Wal-mart. I am showing 2 shots so the distance is evident. Sadly, the images show the flag is in need of retirement as it is tattered.

UPDATE: It was good to hear that the Topeka Wal-mart on Wanamaker takes pride in the huge garrison flag they fly. It is replaced annually, more if needed. They change it shortly after the strong March winds die down in the spring. This flag is not supplied or paid for from the corporate offices, this is taken from a local discretionary fund that reflects negatively on the stores P&L, my source said. Good job for the local manager to take care of it. I think it is the largest full-time flown flag in Topeka.

Nikon D7000 | 1/640 | ISO 1600  | 50mm Prime | F16

Nikon D7000 | 1/1250 | ISO 1600  | 400mm Prime | F22

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