Living the Command

As a technical director for a really great church, I have the awesome opportunity to see the most important message being shared with people locally and around the world.

Yesterday at FBC we were the host site for a 5K and 15K run to raise money for YoungLife programs in schools. These staff and volunteers do life with students in the Topeka area and are very effective at showing extraordinary love and changing these kids lives forever.

Today we had a video recorded just yesterday in Romania with our lead pastor and a pastor of a church in Romania that we partner with speaking of the strides in family ministry they have been working on this week.

Then today later in the morning I also had the pleasure of shooting todays picture of the day. These are our student mission team who are preparing for a mid-summer trip to the Dominican Republic to help with the Trash Mountain Program.

In 24 hours I got to glimpse into the awesome missions work our staff and volunteers pour into 5 miles from home to 5600 miles from home. In three countries, supporting reaching thousands of people. One Church.

Kudos to these students for following through on a vision to serve and share Christ with others, no matter where that may take them.

I count myself blessed to work everyday with these great servants. Today’s picture was taken on the playground outside our Nursery. It was an honor to have Plastico Heysus in the picture today. He has a very challenging travel schedule but was able to work this shoot in.

Nikon D7000 | 1/160 | ISO 200 | 50mm | f/6.3 | flash: none used

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