Field of Stars flying in to battle

Memorial Day is coming up this weekend. I have decided to do some posts to honor those who serve our country and especially to those who have fallen in our nations service. I have the utmost respect for those who have served in the American armed services around the world.

Memorial Day is about far more than barbeques and back yard party’s. Keep that in mind as we head into this weekend.

The image today is from my sister in law’s BDU Uniform. One of the things I have always wondered was why the flag is backward on the right shoulder. The reason makes perfect sense once I heard it. It dates back to when soldiers would run into battle and into danger with flags leading the charge. Since the star field is always closest to the pole, the stars would always lead the charge.

camera :: Nikon D7000 | 1/100′s second shutter | ISO 400 | Meter: Spot
lens :: Nikkor 50mm prime f/1.8 | set at f/3.5 | Auto Focus
flash :: unused

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