Grandma’s Glass Eggs

Today was a day on the road. My son, wife, and I headed for Rochelle, Ill today to visit my wife parents & grandmother. During the 9 hours trek I pondered what I would do about the impending picture of the day. We arrived safely and I started searching for a good subject for the blog.

The nice part about visiting grandma is the 100 year old house packed with trinkets collected over her over 85 years of life. I am naturally drawn to color so as David played with matchbox cars I found the glass eggs below.

The eggs all have their stories, as you can imagine. There is an egg that contains ash from the infamous Mt. St. Helens eruption of 1980. There is another egg that is actually a oil burning lamp. Some are hand blown here in the states and around the world.

My favorite is not an egg, but still a glass object none the less. The Glass Cat with a poor gold fish in it’s tummy.  I hope you enjoy tonights light hearted installment!

Nikon D7000 | 1/50 | ISO 250  | 50mm prime | f/6.3 | Flash - Promaster 7500EDF



  1. Wes koetje

    Was the aperture really f8 that is a shallow depth of field for that small of aperture

    1. Wyatt (Post author)

      Good catch, I went back a looked at the EXIF data. I must have copied and pasted the data line and forgot to edit it. Nice eye Wes


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