Almost 10 years ago I purchased my first firearm. It was a rather poor quality Bryco Model 48 .380 handgun. I purchased it for 2 reasons, 1) Because I have the right to, and 2) I wanted to have personal protection. I am not a gun nut, but I do firmly believe we have the right to own and bear arms, and I also believe that a well armed law-abiding public will encourage a more peaceful populous.

Owning firearms & being a father means care must be observed to protect my family, the days of having a loaded weapon in my night stand are long over. I now have a digital safe that I keep my gun in, away from my children. My wife knows the combination and how to safely use the firearms, and will protect our family if we had an intruder in our home.

I had wanted for many years to purchase a smaller, compact firearm that would be safe & small enough for concealed carrying. I did look around town and did some research on what to purchase, I landed on a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 sub-compact.

To safely carry & operate a firearm, you need to use it and be very comfortable with it. In the last week to learn the weapon, I took some great opportunities to shoot at the range and at friends land. My wife even got in on the action at the our local indoor gun club. I have put 500 rounds through the little handgun, it has performed beyond my expectation.

In honor of 500 rounds, here it is:

Shot with: Nikon D7000 / 50mm / f/1.8 / ISO 250 / Shutter 1/80's / Flash Used, bounce right.


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