Kansas Sunsets. Unmatched.

Many people who don’t live in Kansas has some misconceptions, like, it’s flat. It’s not, especially eastern Kansas with large rolling hills and bluffs throughout the Flint Hills area. Others don’t really appreciate how beautiful Kansas can be. Our horizons are awesome. Sunrises and Sunset look often like post cards from exotic lands.

Heading home on December 3rd on Urish as I crested the hill I saw another typical, breathtaking, sunset to my right. Here are a few images to take a gander at.

Not to sound too much like an ad for Kansas… It’s also full of some of the nicest, welcoming people in the World.

These are compressed, if you want the el grande file, let me know.

DSC_8368_01 DSC_8379_01 DSC_8382_01 DSC_8385_01

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