Legacy… again

Working late tonight thinking over a meeting I had today. Some of our staff counseled a couple that was needed to work through some challenges. Here is where working for FBC gives me a glimpse of God working through his people here on earth. I don’t know how things will turn out for the couple today, however, I do know the impact God’s people have had on me.

As I sit at my desk I look up at the picture of my daughter Sarah. I swell with joy at seeing her silly little grin and happy attitude just beaming through.

And to think that God has entrusted Jeanine and I with 3 such little ones. These little ones who see how Dad and Mom live, and love each other and God.

This because a family reached out to me, led me to church and led to my accepting of Christ. While my own decisions caused some heartache along the way, it started me down the path to who and where I am today. Leaving a legacy to my own little clan.

Love deeply today. Lead your family well. Love God and your family will follow!

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