Being in church production I have the opportunity to serve in many weddings and funerals. Today we had one at church for someone we (as a church) did not know. They needed a venue for the funeral so we obliged. Part of all funerals here at FBC is a message containing the gospel story. We see these as opportunities to introduce the love and saving grace of Jesus to people who may never have come in our building.

One thing that all funerals show is some kind of legacy. Today’s funeral was for an unexpected death of a 34 year old man. He was the father of 5 including 3 month old twin girls. We don’t know if he had accepted Christ, we don’t know much at all to be honest, but he did leave a legacy. We know from family members that he loved his children. We know he was humorous.

At your funeral, and mine for that matter, lets be sure we leave a legacy that reflects God. May we all be known for our love of Christ and service to His people. Don’t wait. As we saw today – he was 34. Don’t wait to learn, live, and lead in your lives, in your families, and with your friends.

Everyone leaves a legacy. What will yours be?

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  1. Trella L. Anderson

    Thanks Wyatt. Am reading a little late, but your message rings true for all of us.


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