Moon. 2.

Since I got my x2 Teleconverter, I have wanted to shoot the moon again. I learned a few things that I had not realized much with using my 400mm by it self. At 800mm the moon is huge, even not being a full moon. Also, at 800mm every movement is exaggerated. Even my camera strap swaying was causing the moon to shift in the view finder significantly.

I used a 10 second delay on the shutter, dropped my tripod extension to the base to help shake, and removed the strap. Even with all that, the SHUTTER movement caused it to shake. My personal tripod is, um, not of the greatest quality, I may try this shot again on a full moon with the tripod from work, it is much stronger (ie heavier)

The moon was setting in the westerly sky, some distant clouds added a nice texture in front of the moon.

|| Nikon D7000 | 2 second | f/16 | 800mm | ISO 500 ||


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