Ready. Shoot.

In 2011 I worked hard to have a picture per day blog. I failed on the daily aspect, but still hit most days. I had not thought much about the fact that I had not been shooting much until I was sitting in my kitchen a few weeks ago. I have a 3-screen wide setup in our kitchen that cycles through a different image I have shot aver few seconds.

I caught myself lost in my own pictures. Each image rushed back memories of how I shot it, where, and why. I then knew I missed the daily shooting. I am not going to say I will shoot everyday, but, I want to be that person again – capturing everyday moments.

I still have my camera with me, everyday. I carry this silly heavy backpack with 5 lenses and a D7000 plus my iPad and Laptop – ALL THE TIME. Why the heck am I not shooting?

Anyway, in October I was loading my sound rig into a church for a funeral for a very good friend of mine’s grandmother. They needed sound reinforcement to support the small band that would be leading worship in the service. While loading in a US Air Force Boeing E-3 Sentry was coming in on approach to FOE (Forbes Airport, in Topeka). I almost ignored it and continued to unload, but after some arguing of “Why not” I grabbed my camera, tossed on my 1973 Nikon 400mm lens and fired.

USAF Boeing E-3 Sentry AWACS Landing. Nikon D7000 | 400mm | f/11 | 1/400’s | ISO 200

And in another incident of almost missed pictures, here are my children playing in the fall leaves while I was unloading sound gear from my van. Once again, I almost did not take the time to shoot these pictures. Here is what less than 10 minutes of my time yielded.

Nikon D7000 | Tamron 18-270 Zoom at 55mm | f/5.6 | 1/125’s | ISO 110 | Flash Used.

In closing – I am almost always ready to shoot – but I have missed too many moments out of pure laziness.

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