Retired Workhorse

As my friend Shelly is always telling me – Always have your camera. You never know when an interesting subject will pop up.

Today while I stopped for my morning Diet Dr. Pepper I stumbled across the great old Ford truck below. It is a 1953 model that has remarkably little deep rust. The truck was first purchased for the intent of farm use, and it spent its life as such. There were a few features I found interesting. First, it is an automatic tranmission, a feature that became available in 53′ for the first time ever. Second, a nice cabin heater. Third, no turn signals. Since it was a farm truck, it appears the original owner saw no reason in it.

The new owner of the truck was nice enough to show me the inside, which was also in decent shape. Not much real damage outside the seats which were bare in spots down to springs. He picked it up in Sedgewick county and was en route back to Missouri where he plans to restore the old ride. This model had 2 engine options, an inline 101 horsepower 6 cylinder, and a 100 horsepower V-8. I love old trucks, especially with a heritage like this old farming truck. The old rounded lines of these rugged steel reinforced machines gives them a certain elegance, even for a truck.

Nikon D7000 | 1/80 | ISO 125 | 50mm | f/6.3 | flash - not used
1953 Ford F-100, Truck, Antique, Detroit Steel

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  1. Tim

    So glad to see someone is taking the time to restore this great piece of history. Too bad he wasn’t closer, and you could document the progress with your slick shots. If we get our Buick out here from WA, we’ll have to have you over for a photo shoot.


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