Ronin. Stealth. Hunter.

I love small group! We have a group of people from church that we get together weekly to study and do life. Today I had been bad and hadn’t fired one shot (of the camera that is) all day.

I worked this morning on a server project then returned home and spent the rest of the day working in the front yard with my wife. That evening small group time came, I knew “it” (picture of the day) had to be there. It ended up that we did not have our sitter tonight, so that means all the kids (4 of them) got to hang out with the adults. This offered many great shots to take advantage of.

Ronin is pictured here with a good surrogate lap to sit upon with Erica. We have all encouraged Erica and Justin to consider children, and the best way to force that idea is to give them one to hang out with. Here Ronin is chillin’ with Justin’s Mossy Oak hat. I think Ronin will be a great hunter, someday. It’s nice of Ronin’s parents, Dan & Amy, to let him be passed around. He really is an adorable little guy.

Nikon D7000 | 1/40 | ISO 800 | 50mm | f/3.2 | flash - not used.

Erica Sextro, Ronin Wiggs, Small Group



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  1. Grant

    Wyatt!!! Just found your blog. Will now read it daily. Love your images and eye for great shots.

    Keep writing and shooting…pictures that is!


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