Self Portrait?

In thinking about today’s post I pondered several ideas that popped into my mind through the day. I try to get perspectives that others normally would not see. I think that is what can make photography really captivating – a unique look at the ordinary around us.

Since I make my living with technology, I have alot of it. In my basement graveyard is many different electronics of various age that I keep for parts and the odd ball picture as well it seems. Today was all about the modern day computer hard drive, well, modern for 5 years ago.

Meet the Maxtor 2B020H1 – rolls right of the tongue eh? I took probably a dozen shots with & without flash, removed the cover, and even took some pretty takes of the control board.

The hard disk platter is extremely reflective, probably more so than a mirror. I tried some fun with focusing on the reflection – me.  Being the shutterbug means I have literally thousands images with me not in them. This arrangement works best for me – I prefer to be behind the scenes anyway.

One very important note (from my tech brain) never remove the cover of any hard disk that contains data you want. Very small particles of dust can cause head crashes, and then you will be sad and calling Drive Savers and crying about the only pictures of your 2 year old pet muskrat were on that drive. And always back up your data – seriously – do it -Now.

I heard that. It is NOT grey hair – it just is the way the lights reflected off the hard drive.

Nikon D7000 | 1/50 | ISO 160  | 50mm prime | f/1.8 | Flash - Not used.

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