So, What is It? Part Two.

We have one of those picture frames with all the little circles for a picture of each month of a babies first year. Since David is past 2, I thought it was time to sort through the archives and find a years worth of shots for this nice frame. I was not into photography in David’s first year of life, this means I had to pick from a year of point and shoot pictures from our Canon camera. I have apparently become much more picky in the last year or so.

What does this have to do with todays post? Whilst sifting I suddenly noticed the time, I had 15 minutes to take today’s picture. In keeping with the up close shot theme I sought for something close, and considering the time, easy.

Today’s image is packed with ________ and covered with _________. When you add ______ it gets ______.

I will let you fill in the blanks. I have a feeling, this one is really, really easy. I guess if you live in another country that does not have _________, you may not know what it is.

Nikon D7000 | 1/60 | ISO 800 | 200mm | f/5.6 | flash: Promaster 7500EDF

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  1. Wyatt (Post author)

    This one is generic Wheat Puffs. The Wheat part makes it seem healthy, then they add lots of the secret ingredient – Sugar. Tasty, not healthy.


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