Son like Father

Ever have a moment with a child that is incredibily cute because it is a mirror of something you as a parent does? This happened today. My son David was playing with Lego’s and picked up the window piece and started “clicking” with his finger and saying ‘ka-chink, ka-chink” mimicking the shutter sound of a SLR camera. As he would frame different shots, he would say “cheeeese”

So I took the little frame he started and added the blue pieces to make a more realistic camera body. He put all the blocks for the flash together and stuck it on top.

He would snap a few shots and “adjust” the top of the flash and take more, then pull it away from his eye and look at the back of the camera as if to check the shots he just took.

David makes being a Dad a lot of fun, he has even found soundboards in venues and tried to start “mixing” before I even noticed there was a mixer in the room. Before he turned one, he saddled up to my rack mount SoundCraft console when I was installing it into my personal FOH rack.

I know it is selfish of me, but I really hope he enjoys many of the same things as I do, I cannot image having more fun than doing ministry with my son. I have a feeling he will be the only kindergartener with working knowledge of an audio console and maybe his own used Nikon D40? They should be really cheap in 3 years.

Nikon D7000 | 1/50 | ISO 500 | 50mm | f/2.8 | flash - not used
Lego Camera, David Johnston, DSLR, Nikon


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  1. Cory Zipperle

    LOVE IT!


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