Through the fire comes beauty

I love spring and it’s many telling signs. Today at work we started smelling thick grass fire smoke, and sure enough a good sized grass fire was burning just north of FBC. I took a quick drive to snap this quick shot.

One of my big goals in chasing down this fire was to get a good view of the heat that disrupts the air, causing those ripples or waves you see above very hot items. The screen was about useless, I had a very strong sun that was flooding the area with bright sunlight.

I have been at a creative roadblock lately. I think it may be since we have been sick around here, I have not had the energy to really develop posts. Coming soon will be some fresh & creative posts.

Nikon D7000 | 1/400 | ISO 100 | 400mm | f/16 | flash - not used
Fire, Field Burning, Spring, Controlled Burn





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