Too tempting to not try.

No reviews. No brand. Stupid cheap price.

I have been tempted by many deals that were too good to be true and been bit. We have all been there. Well, here is my latest one. We have 5 TV’s that are in earshot of our worship center that receive our modulated HD Cable channel. During the services, these TV’s carry a live feed from our production switcher. As you may know, the delay from the MPEG encoding process causes a severe lip sync issue.

I have wanted to use our HD-SDI feed to send to these 5 TV’s but the sticker shock of most of the HDSDI > HDMI adapters had me putting it off for another day, or year, or never.

While looking for another item I stumbled upon these adapters below. No brand. No Reviews. Shocking price. $29. Yep. $29. Thats 80%-90% OFF the going price for most adapters. I ordered 5 and tested them today. They work perfectly and instantly. Tested with 150 feet of RG6, no problem. One of the best parts, these are USB powered. We tried them on a few TV’s (all LG) and they all powered right up from the USB service jack.

We will see how they do this weekend, but initial reports look great. I’ll update this post as I know more.

**UPDATE** Since last Thursday the price of these has jumped to $45. Maybe the word is out… **

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