Way to a Mans Heart

My phenomenal wife was cooking on the grill today when I arrived home. She had picked up some steak on managers special. They were a beautiful golden color and just packed with juices. My mouth was watery just looking at them.

I now know that my goal is to make your mouth water as well. So please, look on to this masterpiece my wife made. It was as good as it looks! She served it up with a sizable portion of corn and BBQ baked beans.

Yet another reminder that God allowed me to really marry up!

I was standing east of the grill with the sun setting just off to my forward and right. The smoke and juices popping were icing on the cake when I came inside to see how my shot turned out. Looking at this again makes me hungry!

Nikon D7000 | 1/80 | ISO 400 | 55mm | f/5.6 | flash – not used


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