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This weekend I had the joy of doing tech for our ‘Mountain‘ program at FBC. The Mountain is the program for our elementary aged kids. We have a worship band that plays at all 4 services on Saturday and Sunday each weekend. I don’t often get down there and forget how great the program really is.

Erik Oldberg is FBC’s NextGen Worship Leader. He leads the worship for this group and our Student Ministry as well. Under his leadership the last few years he has built a great core of student musician leaders who play for Student Ministries and The Mountain.

Today during Hosanna the kids all joined hands and shoulders as they sang the bridge to this song. During the louder songs they jump, clap, spin, and sing. It is quite awesome to see the literal next generation of worshipers ‘in-training’ so to speak. I imagine that our worship in ‘big church’ would be very different if we had this type of worship at their age.

It is more than the current style, they sing songs that adults sing. The leaders break down the songs as they learn them so the kids can digest them. Erik believes, and has demonstrated, that kids have a capacity for worship well beyond “Jesus Loves Me” style of basic, cutesy songs.

This picture was about capturing that moment in time. The conditions were not great, in the audience area the lighting was on about 5% – very dim. It is hard to use a flash in this setting as that would distract immediatly from the worship, and chances are it would take a few shots to get everything balanced out right.

I leveraged the Nikon D7000’s sweet Sony IMX071 image sensor to pull people in from the darkness. Even to the human eye, people details were pretty scarce.

Nikon D7000 | 1/40 | ISO 2000 | 18mm | f/3.5 | flash – not used


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  1. Erik Oldberg

    Great picture Wyatt. Thanks for your support and passion for quality. You do amazing work and I’m blessed to work with you!


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