WFX Watermark Trip

While in Dallas, WFX was nice enough to arrange a tour of Watermark Community Church. They have just completed a new building project. I took my camera with me, mostly for images of their non-traditional ceiling cloud layout using a mix of MDF, OSB, Plywood, and Sound Absorbers. The room sounded outstanding. Acoustic Dimensions did an outstanding job and the LA Acoustics speakers sound fabulous.

This post is just some free-hand panoramas I shot while there, they turned out well so I decided to share. I have several other facility pictures, drop me a note if your interested. These were all shot using my Tamron 18-270 PZD Lens at 18mm on a Nikon D7000. The stitching was done by Hugin software, a great & powerful cross-platform panorama picture creating tool. You can click on each for a larger version, but even the larger versions are only 1920 pixels wide, otherwise they are 30MB each as JPG’s. Shoot me a message if you want the largest versions.

#1 – Standing in the last row, center house. 5 shots.

Watermark Worship Center Panoramic

#2 – Standing against the edge of the stage looking into the house. Center. 5 shots. 

Watermark Worship Center Panoramic #2

#3 – 3-shot panorama of the outdoor patio / baptism area.

Watermark Patio Panoramic.

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