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Businesses I do business with.

I get asked questions all the time about “who do you know that does…” These are those people. I firmly believe there are many other companies doing these things well, but I also believe that once someone has been treated well – consistently – that they have earned the right for me to suggest them to my friends. Keep that in mind, especially if you know someone that does these same occupations.

Where do I find someone to shoot amazing pictures of those key times in my life – engagement, marriage, pregnancy, infant, then graduation… you know, in that order? Be sure to check out Ditmer Digital & Design. Kristi & Steve have done fabulous work for us in the past, good people to work with – even if she does shoot Canon… http://www.ditmerdigitalanddesign.com/

As a tech guy, I get asked one thing more than almost anything else – I have a broken _____, can you fix it? I really, really love fixing things, however, it is not practical for me to do A/V and Computer service calls any longer.

For all your Audio/Video needs for residential and light commercial – check out HomeConnections at http://www.hctopeka.com. Aaron Koker and his team are honest, straight-forward, and reasonably priced. I have worked for Aaron on 2 occasions in my life, I can speak confidently to his business character.

For residential and main-street commercial computer and networking, check out Cory Zipperle. Cory has been one of my best friends for many years – I trust him implicitly to serve his clients with integrity. http://kansascomputingservices.com/

I have had the pleasure of working on many video projects over the years, most of them with Scott May. If you need video work done, I suggest looking him up. He also does websites and other multi-media items. http://www.maykingmedia.com/

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