Who I remember this Memorial Day

Kyle Gregory Thomas.

Most people have someone they remember on memorial day. I have many people remember this day, but only one serviceman that I knew well. Kyle, his brother Craig, and his parents were a key element in my life growing up. I won’t go into details here, but you can read my story here if your interested.

Kyle led an extraordinary life, experiencing more in 23 years than most people do in an entire lifetime. He built homes, worked a farm, danced professional ballet, and jumped out of perfectly fine airplanes. A natural born outdoors man, he loved camping, fishing, hunting, and just enjoying the great outdoors.  Kyle never met someone he could not call friend, and brought life to those he came into contact with. He was married shortly before he deployed. He is missed to this day, but I take joy in remembering him for his part in making me the man I am today.

Kyle’s obituary can be found here.
Additional websites referencing Kyle:

Here is a picture collage that was assembled shortly after Kyle’s death using pictures that Kyle had. Inside his helmet on the right picture you can make out the outline of a picture. It is of his wife Cari. (click to enlarge)

Kyle Gregory Thomas Topeka Kansas Ballet Army

Here is today’s picture of the day from his graveside. Kyle is no longer here in soul, he is in heaven. The graveside is simply a place for loved ones to visit and remember those who have left earth before us. God Bless all those who serve in our armed services. We would not have our rights and freedom without their bravery and dedication to service.

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Kyle Gregory Thomas Headstone

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